Apple varieties

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Cross discovered by the Canadian Department of Agriculture in Summerland, Canada. Early blossom time but low sensitivity to spring night frost. Conical, rather small fruit. Nicely red colour around the entire fruit. Crunchy fruit with good sweet/tart balance. Harvesting season: late August. Not suitable for storage.
Cross between Rubin and Vanda created by Dr Tupy in Strizovice, Czech Republic. Scab-resistant variety. Early blossom time. Medium size, flat-rounded fruit. Smooth skin, orange, striped flush. Pleasantly sweet-tart with a rich aroma. Harvesting season: late September, early October. Will keep into late April.
Mutant of Wilton's Red Jonaprince® which is darker and better, and changes colour slightly earlier. Its other qualities are identical to those of Wilton's Red Jonaprince®.
Striped, sweet, juicy summer apple. Cross between Elstar and Delbardestival. Harvesting season: mid-August. Will keep as far as late January.
Alkmene x Delcorf Apache. Belgian provenance (Better-3-Fruit in Rillaar). Early blossom time. Good size grading and round fruits. Nice red stripes on a yellowish green background. Smooth skin and good sweet/tart balance. Very crunchy and juicy apple. Harvesting season: early August. Good storage life.