Apple varieties

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Colour mutant of Jonagold created by H. Veulemans in Glabbeek (BE). Mid-season blossom time. Nuanced dark red flush against a green background. Large, firm apple with excellent flavour. Harvesting season: late September to late October. Will keep as far as June.
Large uniform fruit. Very sweet, crunchy and juicy fruit. Good shelf life and will keep for a long time. Harvesting season: two weeks before Braeburn, mid-October.
Licensed variety of which ABCz Group is the licence holder. Mid-season blossom time. Self-pollinating variety that is scab-resistant. Nicely round apple with a 70 - 80mm size grading. Well-balanced sweet-tart flavour. Crunchy and juicy. Harvesting season: mid-September. Storage life and shelf life are comparable to those of Elstar and Golden Delicious.
Mutant of Braeburn with a rather early blossom. Discovered in New Zealand. Dark red fruit with yellowish green background. Almost the entire fruit is coloured. firm flesh and average fruit size. Mildly tart, typical braeburn. Harvesting window: from mid-October to early November. Will keep as far as March/April.
Dark red very sweet apple. Crossed by Jean Moors. Club variety marketed by the Belgische Fruitveiling (BFV) (Belgian Fruit Auction) and Fruitveiling Zuid-Limburg (FZL) (Fruit Auction Zuid-Limburg). Harvesting season: early October.
Jonagold mutant created by J. Morren in Halen (BE). Mid-season blossom. Intensely red colour, with less colouration the fruit takes on a distinctly striped appearance. Crunchy, juicy, crispy tart flavour. Harvesting season: third week of September. Long storage life.
Cross between Delbare Estivale and Granny Smith. Crispy-tart apple packed with vitamin C. Plum, large conical fruit. Harvesting season: October. Will keep as far as June.
Cross between Gala and Braeburn. Developed by KU Leuven and Johan Nicolai NV tree nursery. Large fruit with smooth skin and red flush. Harvesting season: late September. Mid-season blossom.