Apple varieties

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Cross between Clivia and Golden Delicious. Round fruit, inclined to nose formation. Red colour on a yellow background. Juicy, sweet fruit with a slightly acidic touch. Harvesting season: late September. Will keep as far as April.
Red mutant of Jonagold created by the Princen brothers in Weert (NL). Deep red without stripes, large size fruit. Keeps very well with good shelf life. Harvesting season: after Conference, second week of September.
Red Topaz has the same properties as Topaz, the difference being that it has a slightly darker colour and is ready to be picked slightly sooner.
Dark red mutant of Elstar. Mid-season Blossom. Sweet-tart, very aromatic fruit. Harvesting season: late August, early September.
Pinova mutant discovered at Pflanzen Hofmann plant nursery in Langensendelbach (Germany). Early colouration, orange to reddish flush, high percentage of well coloured fruits. Medium to large, cylinder-shaped fruits. Pleasantly sweet-tart with a firm aroma. Harvesting season: after Golden Delicious, late September.
Quite large summer apple. Dark red fruit with a greenish yellow background colour. Clearly visible grey lenticels. Tart with a characteristic aroma. Cross between McIntosh and Golden Delicious. Harvesting season: late August. Not suitable for storage