ABCz Group

ABCz Group was created by partners with a deep knowledge of the fruit industry and a dedication towards innovation. The partners of ABCz are :
Carolus Trees.
Pépinières Grard en Fresh Service Europe.

The partner-nurseries are innovation-driven and produce trees of the highest quality which are sold all over Europe. With Carolus C. in Northern, Western and Eastern Europe and Pépinières Grard in Southern Europe and North-Africa, no market remains unserved.

Besides tree nurseries, the partners are also fruit producers and marketers and as such they know the fruit business in all its aspects.

The ABCz-partners are actively involved in a number of breeding programs. Examples are the ‘Züchtungsinitiative Niederelbe (ZIN)’, ‘Novadi‘, and ‘Pépinières Grard‘ ‘s own breeding program. In addition, ABCz has strong connections to many other programs worldwide.

ABCz’s value proposition towards growers, marketers and nurseries is the following:

  • Identification of local partners for the development of a novel variety
  • Production and marketing concept to be decided together with the local partners, taking into account variety specifics and local needs/preferences
  • Support to the concept-partners, technical as well as in terms of intellectual property management and licensing contracts
  • Protection of brands for marketing (freely available to concept-partners)

For breeders, ABCz offers:

  • Strong engagement to make your variety succeed in the market
  • Correct positioning of your variety through a profound knowledge of the global fruit industry
  • Extended network of professional contacts
  • Sound vision on the needs of the fruit industry, in particular in terms of new varieties
  • Professional credibility
  • Strong nursery network
  • Transparent agreements, fair sharing of returns