Apple varieties

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Cross between Priscella and Elstar. Bio-apple resistant to scab, mildew and tree cancer. Crunchy, juicy apple with a crisp aroma.
Colour mutant of Cox's Orange Pippin created by brothers P.G and J.A. Vroemen in Ulestraten(NL). Mid-season blossom time. Small, flat round fruit. Bright red fruit. Harvesting season: mid-October to early November. Acidic, aromatic and juicy fruit.
The result of a cross between Stark Jongrimes and Golden Delicious and introduced in 1974. The variety was created by French plant breeding company Georges Delbard in Malicorne. The Delcorf’s harvesting time sits between that of Discovery and Cox’s O.P. Depending on the year, it can be harvested anywhere from 10 to 15 August into early September. Standard Delcorf needs to be picked repeatedly because of its unduly light flush.
Gala mutant with a mid-season blossom. Intensely red apple with a 65-80mm fruit size. The most coloured Gala clone. Crispy, juicy and sweet apple with early picking time. Will keep as far as December.
Mutant of Boerekamp Early Queen®. Created by the Boerekamp family from Someren (NL). To be picked in early September. Early to mid-season blossom.
Mutant of Elstar created by W.L.A. Boerekamp in Someren (NL) in 1986. Regular-shaped, hard fruits. Firm, juicy, creamy white flesh. Will keep into late April. Harvesting season: third week of September.
Early colour mutant of Elstar, created by F.H.J. Bougie in Spaulbeek (NL). Red flush with yellowish green background, without russeting. Will keep as far as May. Harvesting season: early September.
Colour mutant of Elstar created by F.J. Elshof in Zeewolde (NL). Mid-season blossom time. Dark, evenly red fruit. Unique aroma and very tasty apple. Harvesting season: second half of September. Will keep as far as March.
Large-sized red mutant of Elstar. Even and homogeneous colouration. Harvesting season: late August, early September. Low sensitivity to rotation.