Leg, interstock, Magnum

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Colour mutant of Boskoop Schmitz Hubsch created by J. van Laar in Margraten (NL). Evenly red, unstriped, medium sized fruit (75/85mm). Long storage life. Harvesting season: late September, early October.
Mutant of Boerekamp Early Queen®. Created by the Boerekamp family from Someren (NL). To be picked in early September. Early to mid-season blossom.
Early colour mutant of Elstar, created by F.H.J. Bougie in Spaulbeek (NL). Red flush with yellowish green background, without russeting. Will keep as far as May. Harvesting season: early September.
Large-sized red mutant of Elstar. Even and homogeneous colouration. Harvesting season: late August, early September. Low sensitivity to rotation.
Large uniform fruit. Very sweet, crunchy and juicy fruit. Good shelf life and will keep for a long time. Harvesting season: two weeks before Braeburn, mid-October.
Dark red mutant of Elstar. Mid-season Blossom. Sweet-tart, very aromatic fruit. Harvesting season: late August, early September.
Striped, sweet, juicy summer apple. Cross between Elstar and Delbardestival. Harvesting season: mid-August. Will keep as far as late January.