Pear varieties

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Juicy, sweet, fruit keeps very well. Chance seedling discovered in 1870 by A. Lucas in Blois, France. Harvesting season: early to mid-October. Will keep as far as late January only when mechanically refrigerated.
Created by M. Bonnet in Bologne-sur-mer, France. Early blossom time. Medium-sized, spinning top-shaped fruit. Short and wide, russet fruit. Soft, juicy with a sweet flavour. Harvesting season: early September. Will keep as far as mid-November.
Cross between Broket July and Williams. Discovered in Norway. Very productive red summer pear. Crunchy, sweet medium sized fruit. Harvesting season: two weeks before Conference.
Nice, smooth pear. Good shelf life. Harvesting season: 2nd week of September.
Made for Thaddeus Clapp from Dorchester (Massachusetts), USA in 1860. Large fruits with regular shape. Very juicy. yellowish green pear with a red flush, with a late blossom time. Slightly rusty colour around the stalk. White, juicy and sweet flesh with little aroma. Harvesting season of this pear variety is in the second half of August. It is a typical summer pear with a short storage life.
From Denmark. Medium sized pear with good amount of flesh. Harvesting season: mid-September. Will keep into late October.
The Concorde pear is a juicy variety that is highly suited as a hand pear. It is a firm pear with a remarkably good flavour. This variety is a cross between the Conference and the Doyenne du Comice. Harvesting is from the last week of September to around the first week of October.
Condo is a green, self-pollinating pear with a sweet flavour. This variety is very productive, harvesting season is early October. Not suited for long-term storage.
The Belgian product par excellence. Green, firm and juicy pear. Harvesting season: early September.