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An orange-red apple against a yellow background. The fruits have a Cox’s aroma: sweet-tart. The flesh is a creamy white and fairly firm to quite hard. Ideal variety to make apple sauce. The variety was created in Germany as a cross between Geheimrat Dr. Oldenburg and Cox’s Orange Pippin. It was marketed in 1962. Alkmene should be picked from late August to late September and can be stored for a limited length of time – no more than a few weeks.
Elstar x Delcorf Apache. Early blossom. Large size fruit (75 – 85mm), uniform shape and size. Firm and juicy apple. Sweet-tart and delicate aroma. Harvesting season: +/- 1 week before Delcorf Apache (early August). Good storage life for an early variety.
Gala mutant with a mid-season blossom. Intensely red apple with a 65-80mm fruit size. The most coloured Gala clone. Crispy, juicy and sweet apple with early picking time. Will keep as far as December.
South-African origin. Variety discovered by Buks Nell. Mid-season to late blossom. Dark red and elongated fruit. Crispy and sweet apple. Harvesting season: mid- September and long storage life.
Chance seedling, believed to have been created from a cross between Grimes Golden with an unknown variety. Quite strong head growth. Mid-season blossom; quite late. Good quality and self-fertile to a degree. Early variety and low sensitivity to rotation. The harvesting season runs from late September to the fourth week of October. Medium sized fruit, regular shape. Greenish yellow fruits, which take on a yellow colour over time. Some years may see pronounced fruit skin russeting. The flesh is quite firm and mildly tart. This variety can be stored into mid-January, in ULO until late June. Good shelf life.
Golden Delicious x Cripps Pink. French origin. Blossom time is slightly later than that of Golden Delicious. Deep red (80 - 90%) fruit on a yellowish green background. Sweet and very juicy fruit with a delicate aroma. Harvesting season: concurs with that of Golden Delicious (in Belgium). Excellent storage life and shelf life.
Created by T. Smith Ryde in New South Wales in Australia. Green regular fruit with clear lenticels. Refreshingly mildly acidic, juicy and crunchy. Harvesting season: late October.
Licensed variety of which ABCz Group is the licence holder. Mid-season blossom time. Self-pollinating variety that is scab-resistant. Nicely round apple with a 70 - 80mm size grading. Well-balanced sweet-tart flavour. Crunchy and juicy. Harvesting season: mid-September. Storage life and shelf life are comparable to those of Elstar and Golden Delicious.
Alkmene x Delcorf Apache. Belgian provenance (Better-3-Fruit in Rillaar). Early blossom time. Good size grading and round fruits. Nice red stripes on a yellowish green background. Smooth skin and good sweet/tart balance. Very crunchy and juicy apple. Harvesting season: early August. Good storage life.