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Mutant of Boskoop created by R. Quast in Hamburg, Germany. Intensely red fruit, evenly coloured with a yellowish green background colour. Early blossom time. Harvesting season: mid-September.
Colour mutant of Boskoop Schmitz Hubsch created by J. van Laar in Margraten (NL). Evenly red, unstriped, medium sized fruit (75/85mm). Long storage life. Harvesting season: late September, early October.
Cross between Priscella and Elstar. Bio-apple resistant to scab, mildew and tree cancer. Crunchy, juicy apple with a crisp aroma.
Colour mutant of Cox's Orange Pippin created by brothers P.G and J.A. Vroemen in Ulestraten(NL). Mid-season blossom time. Small, flat round fruit. Bright red fruit. Harvesting season: mid-October to early November. Acidic, aromatic and juicy fruit.
Mutant of Elstar created by W.L.A. Boerekamp in Someren (NL) in 1986. Regular-shaped, hard fruits. Firm, juicy, creamy white flesh. Will keep into late April. Harvesting season: third week of September.
Colour mutant of Elstar created by F.J. Elshof in Zeewolde (NL). Mid-season blossom time. Dark, evenly red fruit. Unique aroma and very tasty apple. Harvesting season: second half of September. Will keep as far as March.
Very productive dark red to purplish red ware apple. Moderate to fairly good crispy-tart flavour. Harvesting season: late September to early October. Will keep as far as late May.
Cross between Jonathan and Wagener. Created by L. Verner in Idaho (VSA). Medium-sized, round-shaped dark red fruits. Fine, sweet and crispy flavour. Harvesting season: early October. Will keep as far as March.
Mutant of Braeburn with a rather early blossom. Discovered in New Zealand. Dark red fruit with yellowish green background. Almost the entire fruit is coloured. firm flesh and average fruit size. Mildly tart, typical braeburn. Harvesting window: from mid-October to early November. Will keep as far as March/April.
Dark red very sweet apple. Crossed by Jean Moors. Club variety marketed by the Belgische Fruitveiling (BFV) (Belgian Fruit Auction) and Fruitveiling Zuid-Limburg (FZL) (Fruit Auction Zuid-Limburg). Harvesting season: early October.
Cross between Delbare Estivale and Granny Smith. Crispy-tart apple packed with vitamin C. Plum, large conical fruit. Harvesting season: October. Will keep as far as June.
Cross between Clivia and Golden Delicious. Round fruit, inclined to nose formation. Red colour on a yellow background. Juicy, sweet fruit with a slightly acidic touch. Harvesting season: late September. Will keep as far as April.