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Gala Magma® is a Gala mutant and was discovered by Reinhard Lang in Austria. The growth of Gala Magma® is medium strong and similar to other Gala mutants. Gala Magma® has a very early colouring and ripens one week earlier than Gala Must. The Gala Magma® has an intense bright and dark red striped colour covering the entire fruit. Just 3% of the fruit shows less red colouration. The colouring of Gala Magma® is very stable and this variety has little or no regression. The flowering time of Gala Magma® is medium-late and therefor similar to other Gala mutants. Gala Magma® is an aromatically sweet apple having soft yellow and very juicy flesh. The hardness of this apple is 8,9 kg/cm², the sugar level is 12,1° Brix and the acidity is 4,4 g/l. The storage capacity is similar to other Gala mutants.